Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dan Gives Buddy Bob Ryan a Backhand

Dan got a bit snippy with his Globe colleague, Bob Ryan, in a Red Sox column May 23 that otherwise was a credible effort.

Snipped Shank, "Our man Bob yesterday submitted that they should just start the game with the bases loaded or perhaps start the game with a 3-2 count on the leadoff batter."

Isn't that special?

Usually the Shank is the one who is implanting the shank.

He might have written a better, more prescient piece if he'd enumerate on the stupidity of the World Baseball Classic. Dice-K, Youk, Petey. Who's gonna go down the next time?



Anonymous said...

hmmmmm...that's "snippy"?...I looked at it as Shank STEALING from his buddy Bob just to give Dice-K another if to say, "if you missed Ryan's dig at Dice-k yesterday, here it is AGAIN."

JERRY G said...


Good point!