Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Dan has a meaningless column that offers nothing except the silliest notions of sports talk radio callers.

I guess when you are as bankrupt of ideas as Shank is, anything will do.


Anonymous said...

The worst column of 2009, but the year is young.

This might, however, challenge for a spot on the all-time worst list.

I think it's a serious contender. It's got all the essential Shank components of laziness, snideness, and ignorance thrown together into a pointless, offensive stew. The extra special ingredient of hopeless jealousy sets it apart.

Dave said...

What I like is that now some people are saying it was tongue-in-cheek (Mazz is saying that right now in his chat)

Say this is bad have CHB's skills eroded so that no one can tell the difference when he is writing satire?

Monkeesfan said...

I think Shank missed the triple-entendre of the title - The Hard Truth over a photo of Tom and Gisele where Tom would be as hard as humanly possible. BTW Shank, nobody was paying attention to Gisele feeding Tom - everyone was staring at Tom and Gisele in the pool and asking the obvious question - are they?

"We're all jealous of Tom." By Shank standards, that's not particularly egregious to say.

"Tom is secure enough in his own skin...." Shank, I doubt that's HIS skin he's secure in there.

"We bought the company line." Now Shank is insulting people's intelligence. He wants us to think the Patriots have been lying to us the whole time when he uses the worn-out accusatory cliche "the company line." That it might be the truth is something Shank doesn't want to accept.

No Shank, we'll look back on his vacation with Gisele and get a giggle out of it; once he's back leading the Patriots to the fourth title, nobody else will care about the tryst in the pool.

Anonymous said...

The "coup de grace."

Shank gives a "blow of mercy" and admits defeat.

Coup de grĂ¢ce can also refer to the final destruction of an already sinking ship ….

as in the Swan Song for the best writer for the leading sports entity in town.

Sayonara Amigo!


Monkeesfan said...

Even worse, Peter Gelzinis (who's as dumb as Margary Eagen and both are dumb as dirt) is ripping Tom for the canoodling. Cut it out, you idiots!

Anonymous said...

I actually think this one was dead-on and a lot of people should be nodding their heads about. Everything he said was true, especially about all the free passes TB has gotten.

Little Ricky said...

LMFAO! you wrote:

"Dan has a meaningless column that offers nothing"

couldn't you say that about ALL of his columns?.....I didn't read one word of it...... Shank's whole game is to annoy and aggravate. I refuse to play his game anymore.

Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous - what "free passes?" What are we supposed to criticize Brady for?

Roger Bournival said...

The extra special ingredient of hopeless jealousy sets it apart.

You know what else sets it apart?

Birds suddenly appear every time he is near.

When you use an incredibly lame song reference from the fucking Carpenters, you enter a whole new dimension of suckitude that even light would have trouble escaping from...

Chris said...

Why would a limp-wristed columnist for a limp-wristed newspaper pen a piece like this? To parody himself, obviously.

Roger Bournival said...

This is just terrible:

NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Times Co. said Wednesday that ad revenue at its news media properties dropped 15.8 percent in December as the recession weighed on what is usually a lucrative holiday season.
December's reduction from a year earlier wasn't as steep as the 17.2 percent drop in October and 21.8 percent in November.

For the quarter, total ad revenue at the company fell 17.6 percent, with an 18.4 percent loss in the news media unit alone.

The news media properties include the company's newspaper Web sites but not the properties. The company publishes the Times, The Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune and 16 other daily newspapers.

Online ad revenue for the Web sites and combined fell for the second consecutive month, by 12.7 percent in December, contributing to the company's first quarterly reduction in digital revenues.

Newspaper circulation revenue rose 3 percent in December, largely because of price increases, while it increased 3.7 percent during the quarter.

The Times also said Wednesday it would stop issuing its monthly revenue reports, as Gannett Co. has recently done. The reports have been closely watched since ad revenue began to severely plunge last summer. Revenue breakdowns will still be provided quarterly.

During a conference call, Chief Financial Officer James Follo said other newspaper companies have been moving away from the monthly reports, and doing so would allow the Times to "focus on managing our business in the long term."

Chris said...

'The Times also said Wednesday it would stop issuing its monthly revenue reports.' Hahahaha. "Nothing to see here folks (literally)...move along."

JJS37 said...

Okay, so we are supposed to be worried because our Superstar QB is traveling around with his incredibly hot , superstar model girlfriend? We're supposed to be worried now?

What would CHB do if he was with Gisele?

"Gee, CHB, can I feed you?"

"Um, no, Gisele. I don't want people to think that I'm soft..."

If Gisele wanted to paint my toenails, fine with me.

Jesus, what a wanker.

Brokenbil said...

I keep trying to post the following comment on in reference to "The Hard Truth," but they seem to have blocked me:

When I worked at Barnes & Noble at the Prudential Center, Dan Shaughnessy held the distinction of being the most difficult writer we ever dealt with for an in-store book signing. Hands down. Worse even than Mike Lupica and he was a whiny, annoying pain in the ass!

Roger Bournival said...

Looks like the New York Times is now a nonprofit entity:

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times Co. said Wednesday that fourth-quarter earnings plunged 48 percent and online sales fell for the first time as the recession depressed spending by advertisers. The results still beat analyst estimates, and its shares rose nearly 7 percent.

The Times also announced it has retained investment firm Goldman Sachs to help explore a sale of its 17.8 percent stake in New England Sports Ventures, which owns the Boston Red Sox baseball team, Fenway Park, a portion of a cable sports network and other properties.

The Times company, which publishes the Times, The Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune and 16 other daily newspapers, earned $27.6 million, or 19 cents a share, in the October-December period, compared with $53 million, or 37 cents per share, in the same quarter of 2007.

Excluding various one-time charges, earnings totaled 36 cents a share, above the 27 cents per share that analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected.

Shares in the company rose 38 cents, or 6.8 percent, to close at $5.98.

Revenue totaled $772.1 million in the fourth quarter, slightly above expectations of $767.5 million but 11 percent below the $865.8 million in the year-ago period.

They beat the analyst's expectations, so I guess that's a good thing...

Chris said...

I think 'product placements' inserted into stories are coming next for The New York Times, as a way to raise badly needed revenue: "Obama told reporters, "This stimulus plan WILL work," as he took a deep, satisfying drag on his Kool cigarette."

Objectivebruce said...

"Ever see a high school player injured in the middle of the game and have his mother run onto the field to hover over him? That's what this is like. A guy might never recover."

Absolutely dead-on.

Anonymous said...


You’re kidding with your seriousness. Correct?

The Shank’s article was a lighthearted attempt to warm us up during the winter doldrums. At least that’s what Gisele’s and Tom’s PR people wanted to happen.

Funny how the pictures get “fed” to the media and then a few nudges here and there and viola an article appears to paint Gisele and Brady in a warm and fuzzy way.

Danny Boy was a tool in the process.

But then again, the Shank is the leading “tool” for the Boston Media Sports Nation.

“That's what this is like.” = The Media feeding the Minions.

Absolute Propaganda!