Sunday, January 18, 2009

Isn't It Ironic?

I loathe Dan Shaughnessy. Okay, he represents the face of Boston Red Sox for the rest of America. He "invented" the Curse of the Bambino. He is a local kid who grew up in Mass and went to Holy Cross and has labored for the Boston Globe for more than 20 years. Still, I can't forgive him for the drivel he writes day in and day out for the Boston Globe...It is a disgrace.

How ironic it is that once again Shaughnessy (the poster child for "mailing it in") attempts to take the higher ground as he rips the Arizona Cardinals for their performance against the Patriots in December? And how ironic it is that Shaughnessy is rewarded with a trip to a warm climate when his company is a sinking ship? (Exactly why did he need to be in Arizona to write this particular piece?)

As a disclaimer, I thought Arizona's performance against the Patriots was a joke as well...but to use that as a springboard for an all-out attack like this is over-the-top. The Cardinals did what they had to do to get the playoffs. If they were such a joke, they would not be in the NFC Championship game - more power to them.


Roger Bournival said...

Why would Shhank sit on such an column? Wouldn't it have been, um, more timely, to write it then instead of now, or did I miss that article?

Anonymous said...

Typical Shank GARBAGE......Trust me, Shank went through all that crap about the Cardinals just so he could write THIS line>>>>>

"University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale is where Patriot dreams came to die last February. It's hard on the eyes for Patriots fans"

he lives to tweak Boston sports fans, thats the only game he has.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Like most hate-fueled spittle, this makes no sense.

DryHeave said...

oh no doubt, Anonymous.......The CHB is in Arizona covering the game?...I GUARANTEE you in his column tomorrow Shank will somehow work last years Super Bowl loss into his column.....some way,some how he will do it......guy is a no talent hack

Chris said...

It is quite humorous that the first word in his column is 'PHOENIX.' As in, 'I have been sent to Phoenix to attend this game and you, dear reader, haven't. I am entitled, as a supreme journalistic being, to go on yet another all-expenses-paid trip to a warm climate while my Company finds out which 50 of my brethren to lay off. Yes, life is indeed good...for me.'

Yes, I can go along with 'loathe.'

mike_b1 said...

Leave it to The CHB to author a column complaining bitterly about something no one else in the country, let alone New England, cares about.

Well done.

JJS37 said...

This is proof positive that Shaughness is a fucking idiot. Seriously. What does it matter that Arizona lost in the regular season to NE? Yeah, they laid down...and? So what?

If they aren't good enough, then they'll lose at some point in the playoffs. But those opportunities are closing.

How does this guy, or anyone else, not understand that there are two goals: 1) Get to the postseason. Doesn't matter how, just get there. 2) Win when you get there.

Once the postseason starts none of the other 16 games you played matter. They just don't.

The thing is, as much of a douche bag as he is, he gets this concept. Yet, he writes this article???

Anonymous said...


Let me refresh your memory:

We loathe the CHB.

You sit on your perch and spew out many opinions.

Give it up.

You have no use other than being a tart board.

Fans can see the games themselves. Who cares about your opinions?


Do you have any thoughts regarding the "fraud" article today? Can you point out any meaningful insights that were shared by the Shank?


Chris said...

If Shaughessy hates the Cardinals, then I'm mighty pleased they won today. Mighty pleased. The Patriots may well have the satisfaction of being the last team to beat Arizona. And I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that Shank won't be happy on his plane ride home...whenever he's had enough extended time at the pool this week.

jfromvt said...

Come on guys....I don't like Shaughnessy either but this constant, petty "criticism" is getting to be too much. I thought his column made some legitimate points, as the Cardinals DID tank that game vs the Pats, which does bring the whole issue of ingetrity into play. That they are in the Super Bowl is testament to the mediocrity of the NFL (and specifically the NFC).

Dryheave said...

jfromvt, I don't think anyone is saying the Cardinals didn't "tank it" that day....but the fact of the matter is, Shank should have wrote that column THE DAY AFTER the cards/pats game.......not 6 freeking weeks later....

Anonymous said...


I think "spittle-fueled hate" would have worked better.

Your pal,