Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dan's Back and Boy Is He Pissed!

Dan rips into the Celtics today. He is upset at the older Celtics becoming unnerved by the younger Hawks and acting out. He makes space for three paragraphs on Paul Pierce's "menacing gesture" toward the Hawks' bench. It's a lot of talk for something Dan admittedly has little knowledge of.

Edit: Dan's colleague Bob Ryan tells everybody to relax. Thanks to Universal Hub for the link.


Monkeesfan said...

I'll say this - I was disturbed that Paul Pierce in particular seemed to let the Hawks get to him. The Celtics need to follow Bill Belichick's dictum - "Don't get into any jawing, just do your job!"

JJS37 said...

Dan is a douche. He makes no sense. He says he has no idea what Pierce is doing, but then kind of hammers him for letting the Hawks inside his head. I thought Pierce showed remarkable poise. He could have went over there physically and that would have been really bad. And I'm not sure why CHB decides it's necessary to go on and on about the "menacing gesture." If anything, the "menacing gesture" should have been the story. Specifically, what does the league mean? How do they know the gesture was "menacing?" Who was the one who made that call? I mean, that was such a loose term that he should have jumped all over it. Whatever. He's a douche.