Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dan and Hockey, Part Deaux

Maybe you read Dan's column on Monday and thought that Dan hadn't been following hockey that much over the years. And then you look at today's paper and notice that Dan is again writing about hockey, maybe trying to redeem himself. Well you can forget that notion. With the very first two words of his column, Dan makes it clear he has nothing to say about the current team. Irrelevancy, thy name is Shank.

The topic of today's column is Harry Sinden, a man who has had little, if anything, to do with the on ice product for the last 18 months. A man who hasn't been the GM since 2000. The man who was complicit in Jeremy Jacobs cheapness and oversaw a criminally understaffed front office and scouting department.

As for the column, it a good interview with Sinden calling out players past and present that Dan wrote before the game and stuck in a few, brief references to last night's game. And as an extra special bonus feature, we get another Red Sox reference.

My point isn't that Harry Sinden doesn't have interesting things to say or that his opinion is irrelevant. But maybe we could get to read the opinions of someone who has been around the team a little bit more, somebody who wasn't in Florida with the owner watching Game 2 on Saturday night.


roger bournival said...

DB Vader - I'm not sure it's wise to link to not one, not two, but three Dan columns. I, for one, don't wish to overdose on the tightly wound vortex of suck that you've set before us...

Monkeesfan said...

What Shank needs to do is a piece examining why Jeremy Jacobs has been so criminal in mistreatment of the Bruins and why he cares so little about the team - Jacobs has never shown any serious interest in winning; he basically coasted for 20-plus years as Bruins owner. Heck, maybe H. Larue Renfroe should be owner; he's got the Providence Bruins outperforming the parent club.

No wait, a piece examining Jeremy Jacobs would entail actual work on Shank's part, wouldn't it?

Monkeesfan said...

So will Shank offer us an ode to the Bruins' AHL club down in Providence if the Canadiens win the series?

I can't wait for Shank's Eli Manning references to his game recap of the Yankees' 15-9 beat-down of the Sox tonight.

sportsreporter16 said...

Ooops! I didn't notice this gem from Dan's column on Siden's alleged (note, I specified "alleged")!!! Take note Obtuse Bruce.

"...he [Sinden] still has a lot to say about all things spoked-B."

Huh? "All things spoked-B"? Say what? Write in English, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't blame shank for wanting to get loud mouth no result Sinden on record. Sinden has only changed in so much that he used to wait until the end of the season to throw a player(s) or coach under the bus as an excuse for the failed season.

Anonymous said...

The quotes are amazingly frank and honest. Harry may end up losing his job now as a result. That's how bombshell they are. And you would prefer instead the guarded opinions of someone who has "been around the team a little more", huh? Gee, what a great column those would have produced *yawn*

By the way, I doubt Sinden would have given those quotes to Fluto

And big deal about the timing of the column. What difference does it make when it was written? Would the quotes have been any more direct or candid if they were obtained after the game? Or during it?

Talk about looking for something to kvetch about...

dbvader said...


While the quotations are intriguing, they have no real importance. It's Harry Sinden saying them. His opinion doesn't matter and his connection to the team is not that great. Harry losing his job is not that big of a deal to anyone except Harry.