Monday, December 10, 2007

Stuck On Repeat

Dan, always known to work a well until it is bone dry, goes back to the perfect season angle, which he wrote about ... the day before.

And it is equally as boring with equally bad references.

As monkeesfan pointed out, Dan writes about this off the field crap because he cannot put the work into describing and analyzing what goes on the field. He probably spends the game thinking of Seinfeld references and waiting for the press conference to get all the quotations to fill out his space.


Monkeesfan said...

And good ol' Shank continues to not offer even an attempt at insight into the Patriots. So Bill Belichick was studying football when his peers were listening to George Harrison records - Shank could have pointed out what should be obvious; how'd that work for Belichick's peers?

Shank, at least try to insult our intelligence with something resembling insight, like the cliche about how the Patriots have no running game (of course they do have a running game, as they're I think in the top-15 in rushing so far) and the other cliche about how the Patriots' passing attack will be neutralized by bad weather (never mind that the Patriots' passing game was strong in snow playoff games against Oakland and Indianapolis as well as in regular season matchups against Baltimore and Miami and that the Fieldturf they use doesn't lose traction in bad weather so footing shouldn't be adversely affected). Shank, at least Steve From Fall River and Bill From New Hampshire use something resembling analysis - all of it blatantly wrong, of course - to insult our intelligence (Bill hates Larry Lucchino and Sean McAdam even more than you hate Theo Epstein and Curt Schilling).

Monkeesfan said...

BTW Shank, you listed a lot of stuff that qualifies as "perfect," like "John and Paul." Micky and Mike were just as good in singing and were close buddies of John and Paul. "Superbowl XXXVI." XXXVIII was a better game against a far tougher foe that didn't whine about phantom holding by the Pats. "Godfathers I and II." I always preferred The French Connection. "Don Larsen in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series." Did he pitch with an injured foot that was bleeding - and do it twice, in the WS as well as in the LCS? Oh yeah, that tub o' lard blogging blowhard pulled that feat; you don't want to give credit to that for perfection.

Just some suggestions for things that can also qualify for perfection, Shank.

Monkeesfan said...

A heads-up - Shank is weighing in on Mangini Bowl V and how "cheating" has exacerbated the driving storyline of Belichick versus Mangini.

"The Patriots are Roger Clemens and the Jets are Dan Duquette." Just a taste of what Shank has to offer here.