Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Dan leads with "We wrote this story back in..."

If there were ever a more fitting lead to a Shank column, well I never saw it.

Actually, Dan rehashes a tired subject with a a good reference. The comparison with the Muhammad Ali-Ernie Terrell fight was interesting and illuminating.


Irregaahhdless said...

It's worth noting that Dan completely F's up the name of "He Hate Me" in the article. It's Rod Smart. Rod Smith (as he calls him in the Globe article right now; who knows if they'll get around to fixing it eventually) is the wide receiver for Denver.

Now, granted, some of the blame has to go to the Globe editors for this. (You'd have to imagine that after years of editing mailed-in columns from the CHB, they'd be extra careful.) Because, of course, you wouldn't expect Dan to remember the name of a guy who played against the the Pats in the Super Bowl in 2004, right? I mean, it's not like he wrote a column about him or anything.

Oh, wait. Whoops!

Of course, it's worth noting that in the eighth paragraph of the article above, the CHB calls Smart "Smith."

God, he sucks.

Monkeesfan said...


Classic Shank. He focuses on Rod Smart's bizarre jersey with the Vegas Outlaws and the bizarre TD dance he and DeShaun Foster put on for the media but neglects some kind of analysis of Rod Smart's game.

Man, if the Seattle Seahawks somehow meet the Patriots in the Superbowl I can't wait for Shank's meandering Deion Branch and son-of-Don Hasselback piece - of course even if Seattle doesn't get in, Shank will have the Deion Branch piece ready anyway as the Patriots' NFC schedule for 2008 rotates to the NFC West.

Irregaahhdless said...


Don't you mean Deon Brunch?

dbvader said...

So, not only was the "He Hate Me" reference old, it was wrong? Will wonders never cease.

Next year when the Patriots play the Seahawks, Dan will write something about how the schedule makers "set up" the game to be played in Seattle, not knowing about the NFL schedule rotation.

Anonymous said...

is corrupt __BUT c'mon The NE PATRIOTS cheated --thats a forfeiture and games before that jet gam e are suc spect to the asame by the Patriots . ND shaughnessy goes along wj ith "cheating" that shows yeah Dan is morally bankrupt & doesnt care about honesty in Pro sports ---hes a bum

Anonymous said...

Dan Shaughnessy is overpaid --& blah & crooked