Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Charm City

The Patriots pull off a win more reminiscent of the 2003 season than this season and Dan has the recap.

Nice column, not much too add. I am just waiting for Dan to dump all over any (non)trade the Red Sox make.

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Anonymous said...

Well to be honest, regardless if the trade happens or not, he won't be the only one sharp shooting what happens. Some of the on-air fat men at WEEI are already priming that pump by suggesting that the lower level minor leagers named in rumors may in fact be better prospects then Ellsbury, Lester and Buchholz. Such is the nature of being a GM in this town ... whatever you do there will be some media member who criticizes it.

If the deal doesn't happen expect criticism that they should have tried harder or given up more prospects for a 'proven product'

If the deal does happen and Lester is in it, Shank will most likely lament the loss of feel good come back from illness story Lester. Regardless of who is in it, other will say we gave up too much, i.e. mortgaged our future. And if these prospect excel in Minn, watch Lobel to see the tired 'why can't we get players like that' line.