Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Predictable World of the CHB

That didn't take long. On Saturday, Dan advocated for Jeremy Kapstein as Sox GM. On Wednesday the Globe's Gordon Edes shot that down, writing in his blog:
Jeremy Kapstein, who at one time cut a deal with Larry Lucchino to do the job on an interim basis, was telling people here that he is no longer in the picture.
Of course, Dan gave himself an out. Here's what I wrote Saturday:
But he also writes, "This typist strongly doubts the Sox will turn to Kapstein, even on an interim basis ..." So if Kapstein falls by the wayside, Dan has his out. Brilliant.
Rarely do things fall in place so quickly, except in the utterly predictable world of the CHB.


Objective Bruce said...

On a blog filled with incoherent nonsense, this entry may be the most absurd of all. The premise seems to be that Shaughnessy is a bad person because he speculates about Kapstein becoming GM but expresses doubt it will happen, then another writer says, in essence, there were serious talks about Kapstein taking he job but now it won't happen. I guess being consumed by hate and jealousy can rob a person of even the slightest sense of logic. This nonsense topped even the swipe after the Steve Belichick funeral piece.

The Chief said...

Thanks for stopping in, Dan!

Alex Bain said...

That's awesome that the CHB would use the assumed name "Bruce". What a geek. The post is right on. The guy loves to make statements that grant him the right to brag if they come to fruition, but can't be hold against him if they don't pan out. It's frustrating when he does it with meaningless topics like this, but offensive when he starts predicting/jinxing the success of our teams.

objective bruce said...

The pettiness is overwhelming. This ain't Dan. Just a guy who finds the babbling and jealousy more than a bit over the top.