Saturday, December 10, 2005

Forget Me Not

Dan hates the world of online journalism. Except, of course, when he needs it to do his job.

Here's what Dan wrote on Nov. 9:
It's not a suggestion from Curt Schilling or any of his little late-night, on-line [sic] friends.
Here's what Dan writes today:
The closest the Sox have come to ruling out a return of Epstein came when Henry went online with the Sons of Sam Horn Nov. 22 and wrote, "Theo was clear in his press conference when he opted not to close the door to the future. But life is constant change and for the most part it is exceedingly unpredictable. He is not going to return as our surprise GM in this process. We are proceeding carefully to make the right choice. There are more potential candidates than is known simply because a number of people prefer to avoid, if at all possible, a highly charged, circus atmosphere that ends with only one candidate being chosen."
So when it's Schilling -- whom Dan despises because, well, he won't talk to Dan (wonder why?) -- the Sons of Sam Horn board is mocked. But what happens when those "little late-night, on-line [sic] friends" happen to do Dan's work better than he ever could? Simple. He steals it.


Steve said...

Y'know, I'm not a real fan of this dump-on-Dan-all-the-time format. But I think you missed something REALLY stupid. In today's "Quick Shots" (Sunday sports page 2) the question is "Are the Red Sox improved following the winter meetings".

Dan has this to say:
"subtracting Renteria seems like a good idea. He looked big and slow last year and maybe he's just an NL player"

Arg. Leave aside the fact that I'm an Edgar-backer hoping that last year was just a (mostly defensive) abberation. "Big and slow" defining "an NL player"?? Uh, that's a new one on me.

and later in the same remark:
"The good news is that the winter is young and the Red Sox have much to do"

Wait a sec. This is the *GOOD* news? Oy. With no one at GM. Much to do. Good News?? Please don't tell me the bad news.

The Chief said...

I did see that "NL only player" remark and assumed it was a turn of the phrase "AL only," which tends to refer to a player who can hit but can't run or field. The problem is, god knows what Dan meant by it.

As much as I appreciate the format comment, I'm sticking with what I know. Dan is the Devil. He stands for all that it evil in journalism. Journalism needs to rid itself of Dan, and I want to do my part.

objective bruce said...

More pettiness. You are so consumed by hatred you can't fathom the difference between a comment made by the owner of the baseball team -- one of two forums in which the owner was heard that week, the other being the Eagle Tribune newspapers -- and a comment about Schilling hiding among people who kiss his fanny.

The Chief said...

Always nice to hear from you, Dan.