Sunday, October 30, 2005

Disingenuous Dan

No more talking about Theo Epstein! says Dan Shaughnessy, who never, ever wrote a word about someone else’s private matters. He then spends 1229 words not talking about him.

If anyone knows dirty laundry, it’s Shaughnessy. He’s aired so much, he probably has his own clothesline on Yawkey Way.

Yet that doesn't stop him from clucking around like a giant curly-haired chicken. “It's too bad it went this far,” Moral Man Dan claims. “The unfortunate part of the entire episode is that a lot of inside stuff went public.” This from a fellow who has made a career out using the pages of the Globe to torture Carl Everett, Jimy Williams, Nomar Garciaparra and countless other Boston sportsmen who made the mistake of opening their mouths while at work and and in earshot of the Great Lurking Eavesdropper. Suggested title for Dan's next book: How Black is Your Kettle?

“The only unfortunate aspect is that the embers will smolder for years to come.” Darn right. Dan himself will see to that.

Self-promotion alert: “The above sentence appeared in a book I wrote on the 2004 Red Sox championship season and it was the only line Theo objected to.”

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