Thursday, October 06, 2005


Today, Dan summons the ghost of Bill Buckner. What a nasty, bitter guy. Dan comes off like a Country-Western song, you know, the ones where the singer's dog dies, his woman runs off with his best friend, and his whiskey bottle's done empty.

The old joke is that if you play a CW song backwards, the wife comes back, the dog is reborn and the whiskey bottle is full again.

Hmmm. I wonder whether, if you read Dan's column backward, he'd morph into a upbeat, forward-looking, funny guy?


YankeeFan said...

Doubtful...very doubtful. Backwards and forwards, he'll always be mean-spirited, shallow, and ego-driven. There are writers, and typers. Then there's Dan, the Embittered Scribbler.

Anonymous said...

I would add to Yankeefan's comment: "then there's Dan the lazy, embittered scribbler." I stopped reading him long ago when I got sick of his tired use of "hip" song lyrics in every (expletive) column. He's just a lazy self-serving bore.