Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dan Knows Rivalries

Dan knows what's missing from the looming Red Sox-White Sox playoffs showdown: A lack of history between the two teams. (Never mind that they are two of the original American League franchises.)

We all know Dan knows rivalries. After all, he wrote a book on them. And another. And another.

Oh, and he's even HAD a few of his own: Remember Carl Everett? Dan won't have to look far for him this week; he's batting fifth for the White Sox.

Then there was Dan's attack earlier this year on Michael Holley, civil rights, and the entire African-American race.

And what's reported to be an online chat transcript, from the Boston Dirt Dogs site, features this Dantastic admission: "i have had guys get in my face for years -- clemens, vaughn, boggs, boyd, scott wedman, quinn buckner, robert Parish. name that tune." Gee, what a shock.

Note to self: Always best to start fights with players on the opposing team. Where I come from, guys like Parish used to pee on guys like Shaughnessy in the showers. (And Parish probably could have hit him sitting in the upper balcony at the old Garden; he's said to be hung like, well, let's just call him Mr. Ed.)

And finally, today's out-of-leftfield snide remark alert: "Oh, and remember the 1919 White Sox, the team that threw the World Series? They had a pitcher named Bill James. Not sure why, but that has to mean something."

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