Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's On

In a Federal court filing a few hours ago, Tom Brady and the NFLPA sued the NFL, mentioning numerous items conveniently ignored by the 'ace' Boston Globe columnist:
Thumbing its nose at the Peterson order, Commissioner Goodell’s Award upholds Brady’s four-game suspension in its entirety despite the undisputed arbitration record of several egregious notice defects: Brady had no notice of the disciplinary standards that would be applied to him; no notice of the disciplinary policies that would be applied; and no notice of the potential penalties. In fact, the NFL collectively bargained over the punishments (fines, not suspensions) for alleged equipment tampering by players-including those designed to gain a competitive advantage-and was not free to disregard that CBA bargain and subject Brady to other standards, policies, and penalties without any notice at all.
Read the whole thing, and compare & contrast it to the completely one-sided bullshit posted by Shank in his most recent column and in previous Deflategate columns. It would leave no doubt whatsoever that Shank's been grinding an axe on this issue the entire time.

UPDATE, AT 10:50 pm - Is it even worse for the NFL?
Page 5

“10. On May 6, many months and many millions of dollars in legal fees later, Paul, Weiss and the NFL issued the ‘Wells Report’ summarizing the findings from their investigation. The purportedly independent Wells Report was edited by Pash, the NFL’s General Counsel, before its public release “
If I may be granted a moment to second guess (and why the hell not?), a word or two of advice to the 'ace' Boston Globe columnist. While this DSW blogger may not have done a ton of research into this matter, it's bloody obvious that neither did you, Shank. You might have tried considering the merits of both parties involved before running your mouth once again, producing another anti-Patriots screed in order to perhaps avenge that disinvitation to the 1995 Super Bowl party, this research being something someone of your 'stature' in the local journalism community is expected to do and not further contribute to the decline in quality in your sports section and your newspaper in general.

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank has more in common with Roger Goodell than be wants to admit. Goodell has been exposed via the Brady hearing transcript to be a liar (having lied blatantly about Brady's cellphone and also about Brady's testimony; he'd also lied to and about the Patriots about Spygate and also the Saints about Bountygate and the Steelers about Ben Roethlisberger's rape charge; as Sally Jenkins put it, what makes his dishonesty so entertaining is he makes rulings and then doubles back) and to be ignorant of his job and woefully unprepared (his questioning throughout reflected being caught flat-footed, and as Mike Florio also showed, he was utterly clueless about natural air pressure reduction in footballs in cold weather).

Having heard Shank's excuse-mongering that "Common sense says the Patriots did something" it's obvious Shank is a lot like Goodell - a liar and always unprepared.