Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Brief Michael Felger Rant

I was checking out this post at fellow site Boston Media Sports Watch and, on a whim, decided to respond to this snippet with a mini-rant in their comments section. I know this goes against the grain of being a site devoted to the Red Jheri Curl, but it's like this - Shaughnessy, Felger, Borges & Massarotti are the Mount Rushmore of Boston Sports Media Assholes, so I'm using a mulligan here.

I generally like Michael Felger - he's entertaining, funny, very knowledgeable and, yes, a Grade A Asshole (and psychopath, from what I heard secondhand from one of his old neighbors in Framingham). This past Monday afternoon, however, marked a turning point for me where I just had to turn off his show as it grated on me so god damned bad. I'm not sure I view / listen to Felger & Mazz the same way anymore because of it. Boston radio in general has been a real shitshow the past five years, for me because of the losses of WBCN and WFNX and the quality of other radio stations is simply not there, in my opinion. I don't know if this Felger thing below is just another example of that continuing decline in quality, but I suspect it is. I suppose that remains to be seen / heard.

And no, I wasn't boozin' when I wrote this rant. That's the surprising part!

Now, onto the rant!

Michael Felger hates the NBA so much, he can simultaneously trash the Warriors, Steph Curry and LeBron James all at the same time. THAT’s talent.

I've had the displeasure of reading that f*n prick Shaughnessy from Day 1 in 1981. I stopped buying the Boston Globe in 1995 solely because of that f*n prick Shaughnessy, and the taking over primary blogging duties at DSW in September of 2009, so I thought all these years of exposure to unrelenting negativity and hostility would have left me prepared / inoculated for that full solar flare blast from Felger & Massarotti when I tuned in on Monday to get their take on that Game 2 of the NBA finals.

Nope - not even close! I might as well have been a test dummy on one of those islands in the Pacific when they tested the first hydrogen bomb - I was instantly vaporized by Felger's blast of unrelenting negativity and hostility, and Mazz chiming in was just getting thrown by the blast's shock wave. I turned it off in about four or five minutes.

I have managed to recover from that beating, and since I'm on the road at the time they kick off in about twelve hours from now, I'll see if my brain can withstand another dose of Michael Felger Grade A radiation. Should be fun!

Just had to get that off my chest - I picked the wrong week to give up booze...

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Monkeesfan said...

I second the hatred of Michael Felger. His attacks on the Patriots have been a constant of his from 2006 onward, and also his about-faces when he is proven spectacularly wrong, such as on his old ESPN 890 show during the 2006 playoffs when after the Patriots defeated the Chargers he suddenly recognized the Patriots were right about not having Deion Branch, then of course changed his tune because of the AFC Championship loss. He never relents - even when they won the Superbowl he downed Brady by noticing Malcolm Butler's INT as though Brady hadn't rescued the defense for only the umpteenth time in his career. He and Tony Massarotti - who is even less credible when he discusses football and even more belligerent and malicious - continued to attack the Patriots on 2006 about a week ago, failing to notice that with Deion Branch and David Givens they were 10th in scoring, 4-7 against quality opponents, and 11-7 overall in 2005, then went 8-5 against quality teams, 7th in scoring, and 14-5 overall with Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney in 2006 - and even today nobody seems to have noticed Caldwell then gave the Patriots a mild deep threat Branch never really mastered and averaged 60 receiving yards per non-Superbowl playoff game - exactly the same as Branch. To be far the falsification of the 2006 season has been a staple of Boston sports types, with the members of Dale Arnold's show recycling the false narrative on their 4 At 4 segment this past Wednesday.

The phony tough-guy attitude of Felger is especially laughable given his most infamous on-air rant - before the Steelers-Cardinals Superbowl when he was still on WEEI he publically waxed romantically about Larry Fitzgerald's butt - it sounded like a parody of the Eddie Murphy Delirious stand-up act from 1983 except Felger was seriously in love with Fitzgerald's butt.

Shank's foolishness remains a problem with area sports media but Felger's idiocy and derangement may be worse.