Friday, September 12, 2014

Shank On Roger Gooddell

Looks like Shank's back to his old self:
Roger Goodell and NFL owe us some straight answers

The NFL is now in full-blown Watergate cover-up mode, and commissioner Roger Goodell is a modern-day Richard Nixon.

Does Goodell resign, raise his arms in a Nixonian victory salute, and flee in a helicopter from the rooftop of NFL headquarters in Manhattan? Or are we perhaps overreacting?

The Ray Rice Domestic Violence Scandal changes every hour, and it’s increasingly possible that it might be unsurvivable for the mighty commissioner of our most popular league.

Goodell is either lying or he is incompetent and has lost control of his office. Neither is acceptable for the NFL boss who was paid $44 million last year.

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mike_b1 said...

Jovan Belcher.
Rae Carruth.
Chris Terry.

As usual, not only is The CHB a day (or a few years) late to the issue, he's not even addressing the right subject!

Shank set his sights on Roger Goodell's handling of Ray Rice. To Shank, the problem is Goodell may be not been forthcoming. But Goodell's candor is the least significant topic.

Let's say the Commish had banished Rice from the get-go. Would that itself be enough to address the league's sad history of assault and battery? And should the NFL even be in the business of law enforcement? After all, isn't that what the judiciary is for?

Yet for Shaughnessy, the problem here is truthfulness. That's like walking into overflowed toilet stall and complaining that there's graffiti on the wall. Open your eyes, Shank: you completely missed all the real shit.