Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Loud Curmudgeon

John Henry takes a shot at one of his own employees -- yep, The CHB himself -- in none other than the Boston Herald today:

“I don’t have a message because the way you play and results are what count,” Henry said. “Fans continue to sell out Fenway. They’ve suffered through some really bad games this year, but they continue to show up and the mood at the park among the fans is very positive when I walk through the stands. Before Tom, Larry and I arrived I believe fans had less patience.

“A loud curmudgeon I know accuses them of being soft, bad fans — but anyone paying attention knows the mood has changed at Fenway over the years. People expect good things from the Sox and really love being at Fenway. This team accomplished something very special last year therefore the fans aren’t about to not give them the benefit of the doubt.”

Once again, the hedge fund manager finds a way to articulate -- accurately, no less -- that which the guy with 40 years' experience writing could not.

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Roger Bournival said...

So, Shank is not getting fired anytime soon?