Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Boston's most consistently negative, spiteful and vindictive sports columnist is now lecturing people over their reactions to LeBron James' move to free agency:
What’s up with all the LeBron hate?

LeBron James opted out of his deal with the Miami Heat Tuesday and the reaction was predictable.
As predictable as Shank taking a shot at Bob Kraft when he writes about the New England Patriots.
From coast to coast, on airwaves, the Internet, and social media, LeBron was slaughtered.

Folks who understand the mechanics of NBA free agency and salary capology warned fans not to overreact to James exercising his contractual rights under the collective bargaining agreement.

There is a large school of thought that holds that James has no intention of leaving Miami and is making this move to allow Pat Riley the flexibility to improve the Heat’s supporting cast.
So the logic of the move has been established. The emotions are another thing, right?
Dwyane Wade is in serious decline and LeBron had no significant help in the Finals against San Antonio.

LeBron-staying-in-Miami is no fun for the haters. It’s a much better story for all of us if LeBron wants out. This would validate all of us who crushed the odious “Decision’’ and the wildly offensive smoke-and-mirrors show when LeBron talked about, “Not one, not two, not three [championships] . . .”
Shank used to be a hater!
Count me as a guy who likes LeBron.
Except when he didn't...

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