Saturday, June 28, 2014


A day or two behind one of the local sports talk radio topics, Shank wonders - what's up with Dustin Pedroia?
NEW YORK — Dustin Pedroia has a message for those who believe he is in steady, irreversible decline.

“I’ll be the same player that I am — the same player that you’ve seen — until I’m dead, OK?’’ Pedroia said while sitting in front of his locker before Friday’s Red Sox-Yankees series opener at Yankee Stadium. “That’s basically the bottom line.’’

He has spent his entire professional career being cocky and defiant. That’s the way it goes when you are 5-foot-nothing and clubhouse security guys won’t let you into the room because they don’t believe you’re a big leaguer. So now that his offensive numbers are sliding, now that he is 30, there is speculation that Dustin Pedroia might never again be the same player.
Why Shank needs to tar an otherwise halfway decent column with another cheap shot about Pedroia's height is beyond me.

Check that - it's not beyond me - Shank's just a dick...

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