Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ass Covering

Longtime readers of this site will regard this as old news, but the folks at Awful Announcing review Shank's prediction about the 2013 REd Sox:
Sorry. The juice glass is half-empty today. These guys could be really bad. And really boring. “Scrappy” doesn’t sell in Boston in 2013. Not after everything that’s happened. For $170 million, a little more prime-time talent would have been nice.
That's not the thing that caught my eye; this is:
Shaughnessy also compliments the Red Sox on going through the season without any controversies, except, you know, the one he helped to create.
This, of course, refers to the accusation Shank levied at David Ortiz regarding PED's earlier in the season. Plus ├ža change...

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