Monday, September 30, 2013


On occasion it's obvious that Shank writes a column because he has to. Sunday's column is one of them.

And I'm mailing in this post in honor of Shank's 'effort'!

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank clearly doesn't understand football and it shows in his portrayal of the Bills and Jets - both 2-2, both having shown legitimate competitive potential as rebuilding organizations entering Week 5 - as stumblebum teams (the Jets after being embarrassed by the 3-1 Titans with Geno Smith's answer to the Buttfumble are closer to that) while portraying the then-1-2 Falcons as a Superbowl power; here Shank oversells the opponent; the Falcons clearly are a very good team but the Matt Ryan-Mike Smith franchise plateaued in 2008-10 and it showed in a good game but one where the Falcons could not advance their game whereas the Patriots elevated theirs pretty dramatically.

I'm also surprised Shank didn't notice the Miami Dolphins' exciting comeback win over the Falcons the week before; the reality is the AFC East is better than he seems to think it is.