Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Injury List

That's the excuse I'm using for not mentioning Shank's Saturday column, in which he leaves himself exposed again for being a massive hypocrite:

I learned everything I need to know about baseball injuries from the great Earl Weaver.

It happened when Baltimore center fielder Al Bumbry broke his leg running the bases in Texas in the middle of the 1978 season. The O’s were perennial contenders in those days and it was a pretty big deal when their leadoff batter was subtracted in July.

Earl had no time for reporters after we learned the extent of Bumbry’s injury.

“I’m not talking about Bumbry anymore,’’ said the Hall of Fame skipper. “He’s not part of our team now. I deal with the living.’’

That’s pretty much how I feel about baseball injuries.


I hate writing about baseball injuries.

I deal with the living.

Please. Is that why Shank wrote a boatload of columns questioning or otherwise rehashing Ellsbury's injuries last year? Does anyone seriously think Shank will refrain from Ellsbury trashing columns if he gets injured again this year?

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Anonymous said...


In your opening you answer that question you in the end...

Shank ... exposed again for being a massive hypocrite.


Unfortunately, the media geniuses have figured out that is the best formula to gaining "eyeballs" ... to sell copy nowadays you need to be loud, obnoxious and irresponsible....

That is a perfect job description for The Shank.