Thursday, July 15, 2010

Say Again?

As most baseball writers have done this week, columns abound about George Steinbrenner. Shank goes for the contrarian angle:

You would have liked George Steinbrenner.

An unconvincing column ensues, at least from a New England Red Sox fan's perspective.

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Anonymous said...

I get where you are coming from with the contrarian angle, and I'm sure that's what Dopey Dan had in mind, but truly now, isn't it stating the obvious that many a BRS fan would have enjoyed Steinbrenner on a social level? He was just the opposite side of the coin for many of us. Too bad Yawkey didn't try as hard, things would have been different for us...

More pathetic about the article is Danny blabbering on about The Boss's early years like he was there. I think Dopey Dan was still squeezing zits over at the Cross when the Yankees were sold to George. I also loved Danny's inside knowledge of where the Yankees like to drink in the late 70s. Wasn't he boring the fine folks of Baltimore during those days?

Just another Shank screed that reads like he was there but he really should start footnoting his columns and giving credit to the guys who actually were there! The sports editor at the Globe really needs to start cross-referencing Dopey Dan's columns against what he is signing out of the morgue....