Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dancin' With The Shanks

Shank's latest column focuses on yesterday's dog and pony show, know to the rest of us as Tiger Woods' latest press conference.

One of yesterday’s questions started with, “Tiger, after what you’ve been through the last five months . . .’’

Stop. This is not a guy coming back from flying 39 combat missions over Korea. This is not a guy coming back from leukemia or a death in the family. Let’s admit that some of the salacious stuff is none of our business, but could we please not paint Tiger Woods as a comeback hero? I fear that’s the way it’s going to be framed this week at friendly Augusta (“A tradition like no other’’).

It’s always been about image with Tiger and it’s no different now.
While I largely agree with these sentiments, compare and contrast this article with Shank's previous column on Tiger. It's fair to say the previous article stands in contrast with the current article.

In the middle of the 35-minute session, Tiger looked out at the group and said, “A lot of my friends are in here. A lot of you in here are my friends and will always be my friends.’’

Geez. Nomar and Schill never said that to me.
I think the word Shank is looking for here is 'asshole'.

When faced with a couple of tougher questions, Tiger went to his Bill Belichick playbook.

Asked what he was in treatment for, Woods said, “That’s personal. Thank you.’’
When Shank compares your answer to Bill Belichick, you know exactly where you stand with Shank. In the doghouse.


Monkeesfan said...

Man, talk about cheap shots. Comparing Tiger to Belichick? A better analogy, Shank, is Tiger with Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds - Belichick tells the truth, Shank; Tiger lies.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't care less about Tiger's "problem"....If you want to call it a problem.....most men (if honest with themselves) think he was livin' the dream......Once again, this was the media at it's worst.....I love how they get all high amnd mighty BEFORE THE FACT......They were all crowing about how Woods 1st press conference was filled with friends etc,,etc,,,,WAIT UNTIL HE HAS TO HAVE A REAL PRESS CONFERENCE!!...they wailed.....well he did have a "real" press conference and what happenend?....ahh..not much.....all in all the media is a bunch of D-bags