Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shattered victory

Dan offers an endearing look at a local high school pitcher who pitched the final out in his team's high school championship--only to suffer a severely broken leg in the celebration that ensued. The kid (Chris Halliday of Auburn) sounds like a kid with a fresh perspective on life - it is neat to see his attitude towards it all. No bitterness whatsoever. These are the types of story Dan should stick to. ( Although this particular story took place two weeks ago when Dan must have been preparing his trip to California to carp about LA and Manny)

Dan does relate the two stories of two professional athletes who were hurt during celebrations (Bill Gramatica, the kicker and Dave Henderson from the 1986 Red Sox series--after he hit the homer). The Gramatica story is pretty clear although there is debate about the Henderson story--a debate that I believe that even Shaughnessy has written about. Henderson has apparently claimed that he was hurt prior to jumping up and down after the homer


Anonymous said...

I've said it a million times....Shank should stick to writing about high school sports, that where he shines. He can't handle writing about the pros. too bitter, too jealous I guess.

Roger Bournival said...

Shank should stick to writing about high school sports

He'll get that chance, full time, once the Globe 'goes somewhere'...

Anonymous said...

High School game = small market.

Those kids give Typo Man access because the CHB won't dare Shank them.

Funny how the Shank "reports/writes" when the topic deals with "minute" market.

Please assign the Shank to the Fringe.


Chris said...

I agree that the columnist should stick to these kind of 'human interest' stories rather than using his position as a sort of 'bully pulpit' from which to take retaliation against the professional sports establishment. That's what spawns web sites like this one.

Paul said...

Nice column today...too bad Shank got the Gehrig quote wrong. "...on the face of this earth" or "...on the face of the earth". Which one is it?

Also nice backhanded compliment to Schilling at the end. Shank, the guy's retired. Let it go. There used to be a time in this country where you could be friends with people with whom you didn't agree with politically.