Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching Up

A brief look at some of Dan-o's recent offerings:

- On June 26, 2009, Dan wrote that the Celtics should not trade Rajon Rondo. Relatively straightforward piece but as usual Dan can't resist the Red Sox references (favorite targets: Pedro the diva and a new Manny twist with Dan's introduction of "Rajon being Rajon"). He also makes the comment that the Cavaliers just got a lot better with Shaquille O'Neal. O"Neal is old and this is typical Shaughnessy hyperbole.

As an aside, was there a fleeting/passive acknowledgement of our little DSW site? Shaughnessy refers to the recent speculation about the Celtics point guard as the "Rondo Watch". I think ole Dan has missed us

- Shaughnessy does a little puff piece on June 24th with his article on Nancy Kerrigan who was to be recognized at a Boston sports gala in support of the Sports Museum. The Shank hyperbole factor is much worse here when he claims Kerrigan "knows more about performing pressure than any of the fabled fellows" (like Brady, Russell, Schilling, etc). That's a little over the top Dan. I was going to take issue with his claim that the 1994 Olympics were some of the most watched TV ever ranking right up there with MASH (I remember the whole Harding saga well but did not think the TV ratings would be so high) but I did check and Shaughnessy was actually on the money with that stat. Finally, Dan's line "Harding has since gone on to live the life of every country-western song ever written." This is an awkward sentence at best and just a tad bit overreaching

- Outside of Bill Belichick and possibly now Rajon Rondo, Dan does not really have the whipping posts that he used to have. With the likes of Pedro, Mo Vaughn, Schilling et al gone, Shaughnessy must travel to Los Angeles to find an outlet for his bitter diatribes. Why would the Globe waste so much money on travel to LA for this crap? They did the same thing last year - but this year's dispatches from LA are even worse. It is the standard Manny shots that we have seen from Shank time and time again. But the most curious thing about this article is the timing - why is Shank in LA writing about this? It's just really odd. Must be the case that Shaughnessy was going nuts in the sports department with no one to carp about--CHB was probably suffering from headaches, profuse sweating and the jitters in general and so they sent him to LA to get his fix

- Shank's piece on the LA sports scene was one of his worst offerings ever. What a load of garbage. Snarky bitterness. He comes across as a little baby at the playground. Shaughnessy claims to be above the zealous fandom in the local Boston sports scene and yet he comes across as one of the biggest sore losers in the sports world with this garbage. The trip out to LA must have been a hard one on Dan--this and the aforementioned Manny piece were atrocious.



Roger Bournival said...

Gone for a month, and Shank's writing still sucks. Imagine my surprise!

Anonymous said...


I haven't read any of the articles.

From Dave's synopsis it sounds like:

1. Shank wrote about Rondo being Manny or was it Pedro being Diva.

2. Nancy being tough under pressure .. tougher than the men.

3. Manny being popular in LA.

4. LA isn't as cool/hip as Bean Town.

The Shank sure is losing sight of the core market. He still targets his minutia of a market full of imbeciles. How much longer will the Idiots fund this guy?

Why didn’t he have the balls to address how the media should also be accountable for letting the Steroid Era to flourish.

It seems that Bob Ryan made a stab at it.

What do you think OB, think the Shnak has some insights on Steroids?


Paul said...

So why does Shank and/or the Globe think their readers care about the West Coast sports scene?

I know I don't unless one of the local teams is playing out there or one of there teams is playing here. Fans don't get to the park until the 2nd inning and leave before the 8th? You don't say! I hear they love Manny out there.

Well, nice to see this blog up and running at least on an interim basis. Get well soon Jerry.