Monday, December 08, 2008

Dan recaps yesterday game, putting it in perspective of the whole season.

Good effort, although the snide attacks on Belichick almost overwhelm it.


Monkeesfan said...

Shank, it was an incompletion. How about you accept that fact?

This is why Shank sucks big fat weiners.

Monkeesfan said...

I did like the line, "Wes Welker got blasted into next week by the Ryan Clark Express."

Anonymous said...

Good Effort? the first paragraph he writes,>>

" On the way to the Super Bowl they lost their way and became a little harder to admire and emulate."

WTF is he talking about?....Shank is so out of touch it isn't funny...gee, maybe theres something wrong with me, I sort of "admired" the Patriots last year. just because ya know, they DAMN NEAR WENT UNDEFEATED....Shank is the definition of the term, ASS CLOWN.

objectivebruce said...

Wow. I actually see a disciple of this site writing:


Perhaps next we will hear about someone who is "damn near a virgin."

Fire away at will. I presume that the number of comments will rise based solely on my response, which is a pretty good indication of how irrelevant and tedious this site has become.

Anonymous said...


Don't underestimate us.

We are lurking in the background, patiently observing and waiting to perform our duty.

We know the game CHB plays, so

Oh You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
The CHB is a silly clown.

He's making a list,
He's checking it twice,
We’re gonna find out
He’s naughty not nice.
The CHB is a silly clown.

He thinks we are all sleeping,
He never seems awake.
He knows when to mail it in as good,
So OB, you fool for goodness sake

The CHB is a silly clown.


roger bournival said...

There's a sale at Macy's!

Oh, wait a minute...

The New York Times is considering potential asset sales and is in discussions with lenders as it prepares for one of the “most challenging years” in its history.

Advertising revenue fell sharply at the paper in November, dragged down by weaker spending in the entertainment, property and automotive advertising categories.

Hmmm. That could be all categories...

Executives said that assets were under review, but did not specify which were being targeted. When asked about potential buyers, Janet Robinson, chief executive, said the review was focused internally, but added: “We’re in contact with people in the community.”

Company-watchers have identified its New England newspapers – including the Boston Globe – and its 17 per cent stake in the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Merry Christmas, Pinchy!

Chris said...

In 2006, JPMorgan had valued the Globe at $550 million to $600 million, well below the $1.1 billion the Times Co. paid in 1993. Jack Welch and adman Jack Connors probably gave a bid that the NYT didn't like. I'll bet they'd like it right about now! It's fun watching this industry collapse. The haughty elites running it deserve no better.

roger bournival said...

But wait, there's more!

On Tuesday afternoon, in the cavernous ballroom at the Hyatt just outside Grand Central at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, New York Times Company executives like CEO Janet Robinson and CFO Jim Follo gave typically measured speeches in the face of what feels like the worst newspaper year ever.

“We appreciate you coming today to hear about the transformation occurring at the New York Times Company,” said Ms. Robinson, as a way of offering an introduction.

When a microphone was handed to an audience member, he asked the question many in the room wanted the answer to after Ms. Robinson’s 40-minute prepared speech: does the Times have any idea how dire their situation really is?

“We still continue to be a profitable company, and we still have good cash flows,” said Mr. Follo in response.

Red's my favourite color too, Jim...

A day earlier, the day when the Tribune Company announced it was filing for bankruptcy, the screaming main headline on Drudge said it all: NEWS IS BROKE: NYT MORTGAGES HQ IN CASH CRUNCH.

It was referring to the Times Company’s recruitment of Cushman & Wakefield, a real estate firm, to find an investor who could offer the company up to $225 million in the form of a sale lease-back, or a mortgage to ease the pressure of the $400 million it owes lenders in May 2009.

That tells me that the $450 million line of credit mentioned a few weeks ago is no longer available.

It’s been a rough year. The Times Company’s stock has lost close to 60 percent in value, and its market capitalization is flirting with going under $1 billion.

As Chris notes, that's less then what they bought the Globe for in 1993. But the cash flows are good, so they got that going for them, which is nice...

roger bournival said...

I presume that the number of comments will rise based solely on my response,

There's a word for that...

Monkeesfan said...

Roger, the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference?

UBS? What is this, a scene from the remake of Network?


Bruce from NH/Fall River/Everett - did you say something?

Anonymous said...

jeeze Objectivedouche, are you really THAT dense?.......yes, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl and because of that they, "lost their way"? .....forget it....your head is so far up Shank's ass it ain't funny.....