Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ho Hum

Dan strings together a few quotations and sticks in some play by play and his column is done.

Dan has Dustin Pedroia and Alex Rodriguez talking about the latter's hard slide to break up a double play on Tuesday. Nothing much there except another Schilling and his blog comment.


southpaw said...

I find it amusing just how much Dan is annoyed by Schilling and his blog. He can't resist the urge to take numerous jabs at him throughout this column (like a big brother picking on his younger, more successful brother):

"Curt Schilling -- the final word on everything -- weighed in heavily."

"Or they might have been agreeing that none of Schilling's first 38 pitches would hit A-Rod in the rib cage."

"Schilling was probably blogging when A-Rod came up for the fourth time, facing the maniacal Brendan Donnelly in the seventh."

Also, Dan leaves out the biggest reason why Sox fans dislike A-Rod: the way the negotiations went down to bring him to the Sox. But there's also the ball-slapping incident and the scuffle with Varitek.

Overall, a mediocre column, but the constant juvenile attacks at Schilling are getting tiresome. And it's only May.

sportswriter said...

It isn't just CHB who gets his panties in a twist about Schilling's blog. As someone on the inside, let me tell you, there is a dividing line, I think that line is somewhere around age 35 or so, between sports reporters who don't get that the world has changed, and those under that age, who have. The CHBs and Massarottis and all the other dinosaurs think their word is handed down by God. The younger generation understands that big media no longer has a monopoly or the final word, and understand they have to work that much harder to do a good job. I won't name names, you guys all know who the good ones are. But yes, people like me look at CHB and his cronies and are both amused and exasperated by their insufferable self-importance.

mike_b1 said...

The difference between Schilling and Shaughnessy: Schilling, with next to no practice, can do what Shaughnessy does. Shaughnessy, no matter how much he tries, will never be able to do what Schilling has and does.

Oh, and about $50 million in their respective bank accounts.

It's no wonder Shaughnessy is jealous. Probably explains why his family is so demented, too. Apple doesn't drop far and all that stuff...

Dave M said...

sportswriter - where do you work

Interesting tidbit on BSMW. Bob Ryan has started his own blog

Wonder what Shank will say about that. I dont think the two get along

Anonymous said...

sportswriter - "insufferable self-importance" is apt phrase for you too.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Wouldn't it be great if G.W. Bush only had a blog and we could get all of our information directly from him? Let's just cut out the media and its pesky questions and commentary entirely and get all our information straight from the source! It will be a wonderful world, unfettered by people with critical questions. We all know that anyone who asks critical questions of people in the public eye has an agenda and is trying to either sell books or tear down the people and institutions that make Our Country great.

G.W.'s blog, I am sure, would be devoted entirely to keeping me informed since he would never, ever, use a blog to be self-serving and self-promoting.

Actually I don't have time to read all those blogs, so maybe they can just e-mail me a few paragraphs, kind of like a press release, so I'll know what to think without anyone else getting in the way and challenging the conventional wisdom.

Anonymous said...

O/B posted:

It will be a wonderful world, unfettered by people with critical questions

When was the last time a Red Sox member or a Patriot actually answered one of CHB's questions? Yeah, that's what I thought.

So essentially we are getting CHB's blog in print everyday. The difference is that the Globe is making people pay for it.

Paul said...


When was the last time journalists (sports or otherwise) asked a really tough question that the person being interviewed answered honestly. Those morons Meterparel, Borges, Shank, Felger, et al are bomb throwers. It's no wonder no one will talk to them or if they do, they throw their bad attitude back at them.

It's no wonder why nice guys like Tomase and Bradford get the real scoop on what's going on in Boston sports. They come off as normal guys covering sports. Not blow-hards with an agenda.

Sure, a blog could be viewed as a press release but can you blame some sports stars and others for blogging when you have so many tools in the media. We have the freedom of the press and speech in the country (thank the gods). If a person chooses not to speak to the media and chooses some other form of communication with the public, don't begrudge them. It comes off as sour grapes.

BTW, Dubya can't speak the English language so don't worry about a "43Prez" blog popping up. How do you type that little annoying laugh does in between sentences?

Anonymous said...


Keep fightin' the man!
You and Marty Baron, once more into the breech!


dbvader said...

OB you magnificent bastard. You are at it again.
You make a wildly exaggerated analogy that loses all meaning. This is sports, not national politics.
Further, nobody is advocating a complete end to sportswriters. The personal blog can be a complement to good sportswriting and an antidote to the bile and invective the CHB spills out.
Finally, instead of making overblown and inaccurate comparisons, try looking at and see what it offers. I'll tell you what if offers: Curt's full assessment of his outings (no sound bites, or two sentences to fit the story); his take on his changeup, lineup construction, pitching in general, (just stuff that he has picked up while being in MLB for almost two decades that Dan cannot tell you); and a lot of fawning praise (the only part that you and Shank can seem to see, but the only part no written by Curt).

For someone who can string together sentences, you are greatly lacking in logical reasoning. You specialize in overblown comparisons and irrelevant tangents. Maybe too much time spent conjugating latin verbs and not enough time working on your critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

There's no difference between what Shaughnessy is writing in his column and what Schilling is doing on his blog. Shaughnessy's column is just a blog in different clothing. Shaughnessy just wants there to be a law saying he's the only one who can write 'opinion pieces.' Good luck rallying the troops on that one.

On another point, Bush and The Globe share a common bond: They are both lame ducks who have attracted hatred like honey attracts bees.

Juli La Chuli said...

Haha. Obtuse Bruce is teetering on the brink of final meltdown, poised to be detained in a shopping mall Starbucks for assaulting a wi-fi wielding laptopper after accusing them of BLOGGING! C'mon, Bruce, you know you're dying to share your basement experiences with us via a confessional blog.

Anonymous said...


On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, it's particularly
appropriate to remind us who the real heroes are ...

newspaper writers.

Way to keep it in perspective!


Anonymous said...

anon 6:09 has no better comeback than "I know you are, but what am I?"

Monkeesfan said...

OB, even by your own Dakota-wannabe standards, you're not making any sense.

Monkeesfan said...

anonymous #11, you left out the key difference - GW attracts hatred for believing in something and actually acting on that belief; the Globe attracts hatred for lying to all of us (often in regard to GW) on a regular basis.

And yes on Meatball Parel, Shank, Plagur-borges, and the new Curly Haired Boyfriend - "I Love Deion" Felger - being bomb-throwers. I've noticed Felgie can never get the Deion Branch thing out of his head and can't figure out it was Branch, not the Patriots, at fault in that whole thing.

Chris said... hit the nail squarely on the head. The Globe has lost 'parishoners' in the same way the Catholic church did. People don't like being lied to (calling yourself a 'newspaper' when all you really are is a bully pulpit for the DNC and one big biased editorial section). The Globe surely must wish it could put the genie back in the bottle, to a time before the Internet and blogs. Sadly for them and happily for us, they can't.

Anonymous said... prefer unbiased editorials?

That\'s a pretty stupid comment.

Chris said...

When ALL the editorials are biased in one direction, THAT's what's stupid. And circulation/readership numbers have fallen off a cliff because of it.

Anonymous said...

Editorials are the paper\'s position and are SUPPOSED to be biased.

Anonymous said...

This is Dave M logging in as anon.

Figured I would throw this out there...does anyone besides me find Amaelie Benjamin's game recaps hard to read at times? She uses some awkward sentence structures and her stories don't always flow that well.

(I readily admit that I tend to read game recaps very quickly--perhaps if I slowed down, I would not find them as awkward)

j. hobag said...

Uh oh ... Yanks are 14 1/2 back. We know what CHB is writing about tomorrow ...

paul said...

"Figured I would throw this out there...does anyone besides me find Amaelie Benjamin's game recaps hard to read at times? She uses some awkward sentence structures and her stories don't always flow that well."

It's almost like she's trying to cram too much into one sentence. I'm willing to give her a shot. She's easy on the eyes and is much better on the Red Sox pre-game show than Toothy Tina.

Monkeesfan said...

I prefer editorials to be truthful. The Globe's editorials (and most of their reportage) stopped being truthful around the time of the Vietnam War, maybe before.