Monday, July 24, 2006

Whither Dan

It's been eight days since Dan published his last work. Eight days. In the meantime, the British Open came and went, as did the better part of the Tour de France. No sign of Dan. The Red Sox saw their AL East lead dwindle to a half-game, then surged again. No Dan. Paul Pierce signs a contract that by the time it's over could see him pass none other than Larry Bird on the Celtics all-time points list. No Dan.

We are seeing plenty of Bob Ryan, though. Methinks Dan is fading away, exposed for the fraud he is. Not a moment too soon.


fadedredsoxhat said...

Hope you are right, Chief!

I have this picture in my head of Chris Snow knocking CHB out cold on his last day.

jenny said...

Never fear, I'm sure he'll return around the trade deadline with an insightful column about how the Red Sox need pitching.

Harold Reynolds was sacked by ESPN today, allegedly for repeated sexual harrassment. I wonder if CHB could get sacked like that? Who would he harrass? Jackie MacMullan? I feel nauseous.

fadedredsoxhat said...

I wonder why ESPN did not fire Mike Tirico for stalking female employees several years back.