Saturday, November 19, 2005

Through the Wickets

How many errors can Dan make in a single column? Let's count:

1. "Atlanta's Dayton Moore took himself out of the running for Red Sox general manager Tuesday, joining Kevin Towers, Doug Melvin, J.P. Ricciardi, Brian Sabean, Terry Ryan, Chris Antonetti, and Tony LaCava in the long list of those who've said "not interested" to Larry Lucchino."

Melvin, Ricciardi, Sabean and Ryan are under contract, so saying no was really their bosses' decision, not theirs. And Ricciardi's "no" came three years ago, pre Theo.

2. "Lucchino addressed the GM search -- and a few other issues that have made him a New England dartboard on par with Haywood Sullivan after Sully forgot to mail Carlton Fisk's contract."

No, Dan is a New England dartboard. Lucchino is just disliked intensely.

3. Lucchino: "We're not going to have any further comments on Theo. ... I believe Tom [Werner] said it's time to turn the page on that."

Dan: "So the Sox aren't saying yes or no on the Theo rumor that won't go away."

Wrong. The Sox said "no." Repeatedly. You just don't listen well.

4. "They obviously waited too long to negotiate with Theo and now they look like George McGovern trying to find a running mate in 1972."

They obviously made a mistake in leaking info to Dan. The rest of that statement is unprovable.

5. "This is the first time the current ownership group has been blasted in Boston."

The Henry group was torched before they even put their names on their office doors. Dan should know: He led the torching.

6. "Now they know a little about how Bob Kraft felt after he alienated Bill Parcells, got too involved, and suffered through the Pete Carroll era."

Gee, that sure worked out poorly for the Pats, didn't it? i guess if they don't alientate Parcells, they win four straight Super Bowls, instead of the lousy three that they got.

7. "They can put all the positive spin on it they want, but this represents the first crisis for this ownership group."

See no. 5.

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