Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dan Defies Logic (Redux)

In his now famous Dirty Laundry column, Dan wrote: “The only unfortunate aspect is that the embers will smolder for years to come.”

Here's what I wrote in response: "Darn right. Dan himself will see to that."

That prophecy didn't take long to come true. Writing about the Red Sox' vacant GM position today, the CHB offers this novel thought: "The Red Sox should offer the job to Brookline native Theo Epstein."

"This is not as stupid as it sounds," he goes on to say. Question to Dan: Just how badly did that curling iron burn your brain?

He goes on to recite the names of several persons who "left and came back" Billy Martin, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Harry Sinden, Ray Bourque among others. Let's look at that list: Martin was fired over and again; Bourque was traded; Jordan's father had just been murdered; Ali was brain damaged; Sinden never recaptured his early coaching success. Great comparisons, Dan.

And how about this bit of unfettered nastiness:
It's not a suggestion from Curt Schilling or any of his little late-night, on-line friends. ... It's just something that makes sense.

This is a thinly veiled reference to the Sons of Sam Horn board -- which Dan doubtlessly reads and probably leans on for ideas. Wonder if he knows that Eric Van (IQ 143) is one of those "online friends"; the same Eric Van who provides analysis for the late, great Sox GM for whose return the CHB is lobbying. Confused yet? Dan sure is.


coriolis said...

You'll love this
Below was my email to shaugnessy, followed by his reply.
I guess I should feel honored that the great shaugnessy replied to my email.
This was my email concerning his commentary that appeared at the Globe's
website today.
I know a was a bit terse in my email, but his reply was classic shaugnessy
BTW, although it would be cool to be one of Schillings little buddies, I
haven't had the honor as of yet.

You are a person of little credibility now.
That was the best thing that came from your embarrassment last week.

Either your ego is too big to see it, or your latest commentary is
a blatant sophomoric attempt to tell the world that "It's not my fault".

I love this kicker, "It's not a suggestion from Curt Schilling or any of his
little late-night, on-line friends "

Little friends? This is a comment made by an angry eight grade boy. This
is laughable. Take your ball and go away... please.

There was a time, when the Boston market needed your cynicism. Those
miserable years are gone, but you are still here. Lord knows it's
not because of your writing skills or your intelligence.

You are deemed obsolete.


You will never be taken seriously again. This is a victory for the good

Mark M

his reply

mark -- i assume that makes you one of curt's little pals. have fun, little

I then replied this afternoon with this message, followed again by his reply

So you are a professional writer?
With all your wit and writing skills the best comment you can make
is calling me a "little fella"?
This is the grand total of your skills?
You see Danny-boy, this is why you are obsolete.
Your drivel doesn't work anymore. You stand naked to the public.
No "curse" talk since the world series and now you can't effectively be a
shill for LL.
You have to rely on your writing skills. In doing so, the best argument
you can muster, when questioning your integrity, is
calling me ... "a little fella"?

If for once you want to stop hiding behind your pen and would like to talk
to this "little fella" in person, I would be more than happy
to ..... talk .... to you.

Interested? No I didn't think so.

Kinda hurts, when no cares what you write anymore.
A sad ending to a sad career.

Oh and by the way, although I would like the opportunity to talk to
Schilling online, I haven't had the opportunity.
The difference between us is that I can be rational. Your problem, among
many, is that you have an
agenda and you are not smart enough to fool anyone with it.

mark m

Looking forward in meeting you CHB.

His reply

mark (little fella) 617-929-2584. leave a number. shaughnessy

This guy is a work of art. Plus it's obvious that this latest airing of dirty laundry is killing him.

The Chief said...

Beautiful! And not surprising.

The Chief said...

P.S. I will venture to predict that the CHB writes on Theo again within the week.