Friday, March 13, 2015

Bereaved Over Revis - II / Plaigarism Alert

Dan Shaughnessy, March 9, 2015:
I have given up challenging the Patriots for anything they do in the offseason. They are always ready to go with a younger, cheaper model (Julian Edelman instead of Wes Welker, Ryan Allen instead of Zoltan Mesko) and they are invariably right.
Dan Shaughnessy, breaking that pledge for the second time this week:
Really. When it comes to the Patriots, our traditionally cynical, hard-edged, ever-suspicious constituency turns to butter. The Patriots at this hour are very much like the Wildcats of Lexington, Ky. Around the country, there is hatred and jealousy of our juggernaut. Back home, it’s boola-boola 24/7. It’s like Jermaine Wiggins said at the pep rally before the Super Bowl: “They hate us because they ain’t us!’’

In this spirit, we have suddenly come to discover that it was universally understood that cornerback Darrelle Revis was a one-year rental. He was like one of those Kentucky one-and-dones. Thanks for playing. Thanks for the championship ring. No hard feelings.

Silly me, I didn’t realize this when Revis was here. There was considerable talk about the possibility of the Patriots locking him up with a long-term contract. We were told that Revis liked it here. He liked winning. He liked Bill Belichick. Why would he not want to stay here?

Now that dialogue has dissolved. Now the Patriots knew all along. The same people who told us Revis liked it here are telling us that — all things being equal — Revis was going to go back to the Jets no matter what. And everybody’s buying it, because, well, the Patriots just won the Super Bowl and everything they do is part of a master plan that is unmatched in American sports today.

Baloney. Revis is in New York because the Jets guaranteed him the most money. The Patriots elected to pass when the guaranteed dough got into the upper $30 million range. That doesn’t make them wrong, or evil, but it’s hilarious how toady Patriots fans are suddenly rationalizing their club’s bottom-line decision.

Suddenly, Revis is an “old” 30. Now it’s mentioned that he had only two interceptions last year and wasn’t involved in that many plays.

Oh, and the big whopper. Revis said his decision to go to the Jets wasn’t about money. He’s “going home.’’

What a crock. Revis misses the Statue of Liberty. He likes the New Jersey Turnpike more than he likes Route 1.

No. Revis is not here because the Patriots would not pay him what the Jets would pay him. And that’s OK. But please don’t try to make it something else. That’s what the Krafts and the Patriots always do. Winning is never enough. They have to be more special and smarter than the competition. The need to be loved and admired for “The Patriot Way.’’

Now, go to this link, listen to the audio link at the March 12th - Hour 1 section, and listen from 21:21 to 35:00. I took a ride to Norwell at this time yesterday afternoon, so I already heard the audio. And then, I read it again this morning!

Imagine that - a column that reads like a segment of a Felger & Mazz broadcast...

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank talks as though he wasn't listening when Revis signed with the Patriots - the HOPE was to keep him longer than one year but the notion was never portrayed as anything beyond a mere hope.