Friday, August 04, 2017

The Boston Baseball Experience

The David Price / Dennis Eckersley kerfuffle sure brings back some memories for Shank.
Imagine being a young pitching star in Boston. You’ve got a Cy Young Award at home. You’ve won 20 games in a season. You do a ton of charity work and you’ve got your own foundation. Your first child is a baby boy. Your Red Sox are in first place.

Life should be good. But you’re getting crushed by Sox fans and sports talk radio. Fans think you make too much money. They say you never win in the playoffs. And they are mad because you said some regrettable things when you thought you were defending your teammates.

David Price, 2017?


Say hello to Roger Clemens, circa 1988.
I'm sure I don't need to mention who was one of the people doing the 'getting crushed' dance in the print media, now do I?

Of course, that attitude Shank had towards Clemens sure changed - just time the delivery of a stuffed doll to perfection.

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Anonymous said...

it takes a stuffed teddy bear to buy dans journalistic prowess