Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - LVI

The Boston Globe Media CEO Doug Franklin is now the former Boston Globe Media CEO after a whopping six months on the job:
Doug we hardly knew ye. Last December, Boston Globe Media named veteran newspaper executive Doug Franklin as chief executive officer to replace Mike Sheehan, who was leaving after three years in charge. Now Franklin is leaving, citing “differences” with owner John Henry over “how to strategically achieve our financial sustainability.”

At this early stage I have no idea what went wrong. I will point out that the Globe has been sending out frequent emails apologizing for late delivery of the print edition since shifting from its old Morrissey Boulevard headquarters to a new plant in Taunton — but I can’t say I know whether that has anything to do with Franklin’s departure.
We can read between the lines - Franklin's the fall guy.

Seems to be a lot of executive deck clearing this month - the new CFO is someone with impeccable leftist credentials:
Vinay Mehra, the chief financial officer of Politico and a former executive at WGBH, will become the president and chief financial officer of Boston Globe Media, according to a memo to the staff from publisher and owner John Henry.
But the media isn't biased - just remember that!

And the last thing to point out:
Henry also says that he and his wife, managing partner Linda Pizzuti Henry, plan to take a more active role.
Like telling a Boston Globe columnist to stop writing all those vicious articles about Red Sox players?

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