Friday, March 17, 2017


Continuing his non-interest in writing columns about the Bruins or the Celtics, Shank inflicts on us his second Picked Up Pieces column this month.

First, let's go with a few bold predictions:
■ I don’t know about you, but I’m picking UConn to win the Women’s Final Four. What excitement. What drama. It’s almost like picking the Patriots to win the AFC East.
Way to go out on a limb!

Next, let's do some half-assed team comparisons:
■ Let me ask you this, Celtics fans. You saw them dismantle Minnesota Wednesday, right? Al Horford almost had a triple-double, and the Celtics bolted to a 117-104 win over the 28-39 Wolves. Swell. But which roster (including future draft picks) would you rather have for the next five years?

Give me the Wolves. The Celtics don’t have anyone — nor will they have anyone — with the upside of Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. It’s not even close.

The Celtics are going to win more than 50 games and are only two games behind the Cavaliers in the East, but their ceiling is significantly lower than that of the T-Wolves. It would be much more fun to build around Towns and Wiggins than around Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Danny Ainge’s raft of draft picks.
Since when has Shank ever been about 'fun' things? The Celtics have improved every year under coach Stevens, and Shank claims he'd rather have two 'fun' players than an entire functioning team? Remember that the next time Shank complains about not winning.
■ Still don’t understand the hate for David Price. He won 17 games last season, fourth best in the league. Led the majors in starts (35) and innings (230). Had more strikeouts than any lefty in Red Sox history. His ERA was 3.99. Many highly paid talents have come here and done much less. Let’s not turn him into Carl Crawford or Jack Clark.
Shank has more than contributed his fair share of 'hate' and negativity into the Boston sports media environment, and now he complains about the after effects? What an asshole.


Anonymous said...

I thought Shank knew more about basketball than what he displayed in this article. Not like this opinion was driven by some agenda (like everything with the Pats is), either.

Anonymous said...

well this is the man who claims that he is impatient when it comes to winning titles