Saturday, October 01, 2016

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - XLI

It looks my dream of 135 Morrissey Boulevard turning into UMass-Boston dormitories will not be realized for a while:
Boston Globe CEO Mike Sheehan says he’s not planning for the company’s news and business operations at Morrissey Boulevard to move to its new home downtown until the middle of next year — months later than his earlier plans to target the move for Jan. 1, 2017.

In an interview this week, Sheehan said the date of Jan. 1 — which was reported by both the Globe and the Boston Business Journal last December — was “never etched in stone.” Some have speculated that it seemed like an ambitious plan to begin with, and that turns out to have been correct: The new space at the Exchange Place complex at 53 State St. ended up needing a lot more structural work than first thought, said Sheehan. He said the move will now occur “sometime probably mid-next year.”
Then again, the dream might not come true after all:
The Boston Business Journal has learned that the buyer of the Boston Globe’s 16.5-acre headquarters site in Dorchester is David Ridini of Center Court Properties, a New York-based real-estate development firm.
Since John Henry paid $70 million for the Boston Globe a few years ago, he won't lose any money even when the Globe finally goes tits up, and the liberals will still love the capitalist robber baron because he meant well. Suckers.

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