Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Speaking Of 'Put A Lid On It'

Shank passed on bashing the Patriots yesterday for their 17-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Instead, he writes a column today to tackle the really important issues.
Isn’t it time to put a lid on these college bowls?

It’s college football bowl season. Hope you’re up to speed.

If you’re really paying attention, you watched West Virginia against Texas A&M on ESPN in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Monday afternoon. That was followed by Clemson vs. Oklahoma in the Russell Athletic Bowl, and the time-honored AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl featuring a pair of 6-6 teams (Texas and Arkansas) at NRG Stadium in Houston Monday night.

What in the name of the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl is going on here? Anybody out there old enough to remember when the college football bowl games were actually played on New Year’s Day? When playing in a bowl game meant you were a superior football team? When we could all set our New Year’s Day watches by the Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Orange Bowl?

Those were the golden olden days of rotary phones and long-distance calling.
Nothing like dating yourself for the four thousandth time to make a point! Didn't have any Elvis or Everly Brothers lyrics on hand to drive that point home?

How can you tell that Shank's been sitting around his house this past week, doing absolutely nothing? This column, that's how.

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