Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doubting Dan

Now he's just being a dick.

The CHB pretends the Red Sox, who bested the Yankees Saturday, are a lovable bunch of resilient overachieving stragglers who have miraculously turned into a better behaved version of the Bad News Bears. They have, it's true, but that's not why Shaughnessy is struggling to keep down copious amounts of bile (as well as a case or two of Bud Lite) to fete them today.

Of course, it's likely he's just being ironic, for The CHB is no more a fan of the Red Sox than he is of hearing the bartenders yell "last call" at The Fours.

But at this point, he's writing not for the reader but for his job, and his career -- if we can call it that -- is now in the hands of one John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox and soon to be owner of The Globe.

Oh to be there when Henry goes Donald Trump on Shank's butt. This is gonna be great!

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Roger Bournival said...

Exactly - he comes up with this ball licking column a full week after proclaiming himself as the 'prince of darkness with these guys (Red Sox) now'. Shank has never done disingenuous very well, or convincingly.

I think Shank, for the most part, will play along with the charade in order to keep collecting his Globe paychecks. Of course he'll have some criticisms of the Red Sox as a team, or subpar personal performance on the part of specific players, but said criticisms will no longer be pointedly direct towards ownership or management (read - Lucchino). He will never mention Liverpool FC in a disparaging manner again (which I have always regarded as petty criticism). He'll redirect and redouble his spleen venting towards Bill Belichick & Robert Kraft.