Friday, December 02, 2011

Glowing Words, Indeed

Shank celebrates the arrival of Bobby Valentine as the 45th manager of the Boston Red Sox. Why is it that almost every single person reporting on this hiring has to mention he's the 45th manager? Is there something unique with the number 45 that I haven't picked up on?

A straightforward recap of Valentine's career and the people involved in the decision are mentioned in the first part of the column. The words 'John Henry' and 'Liverpool' are now destined to be combined in the same sentence whenever Shank takes a shot at mentions John Henry. Shank should open a new toy store - "Cheap Shots 'R Us".
Swell stuff. So good, so good, so good. Boston baseball’s winter of defection and discord was badly in need of this Sweet Caroline moment.
Forget the fact that it's not even winter yet (I know, poetic license and all that), but what better way is there to kill a column's momentum then the obligatory lame lyric mention - Sweet Caroline, a unique combination of banal pedestrian boredom, death by overplay, and Shank's seal of approval. It's a triple play!

Remember all that bitching and moaning Shank did over the past two months, trashing the process & everyone involved?
It doesn’t really matter now anyway.
That's convenient, isn't it? Do you think Shank will remember that sentiment when the Sox hit their first five game losing streak?

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Anonymous said...

Shank writes: “All together now . . . key word: collaborative.”

Shank mocks collaboration …according to our scribe that concept is for foreigners and not for the citizens of Idiocy Nation that need to buy into his bull.

In closing, Shank “reports”: “But now it’s his job to change the culture of the Red Sox clubhouse.”

Perhaps Valentine can blow his first salvo of a kiss towards the CHB beauty … we need someone that can change the culture of lunacy in Shank’s world.