Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walking Tall

Shank returns from sunny Fort Myers to watch Cohasset high school win its second girls basketball state championship. As with nearly all his articles that don't deal with professional athletes, it is well written and venom free. There's a bonus Red Auerbach mention; unfortunately there's no room for the obligatory Larry Bird reference.

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Anonymous said...


Sorry to divert here for a moment but I hope that the Globe does not subject us to Shank writing about Nomar.

I am really excited Nomar retired as a Red Sox - too many players leave Boston on bitter terms (even if they are to blame themselves) and it is nice to see one of these turn out nice for a change

I can hear Shaughnessy now - "he quit on the Sox" - "lasting image of him sulking as he watched Jeter dive over the rail...."; "he was never happy in boston" " he hated the media"; and "it's insidious to think he would actually work for espn" etc etc

God, please spare us

Dave M