Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Multimedia Shank - III

I just caught Shank on the local Comcast Sports Network channel, whch included a lack of support for Adalius Thomas. No argument against that position, but the pre-London trip talk was amusing (I'll look for video and post it if it's available).


Anonymous said...

I can't stand watching Shank talk on these video's.....I can't stand reading him....I'm not a fan of the shanker

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what a steaming pile of shit today's collumn was. Is anyone at all complaining about playing a single game in London besides reporters that need something to talk about to fill up air-time?

It doesn't matter if they never move a franchise there. If it gets more people reading, watching the games, buying merchandise in other countries, its absolutely worth it financially for the NFL. It seems like its fun for the players, brings in some revenue for both England and the NFL, and its cool to watch.

Roger Bournival said...

Anon. at 5:39 - just posted on that article. I get the impression that the players and definitely Belichick aren't terribly thrilled about this game, and are probably under a 'request' by management, ownership, and / or the NFL not to bitch too much about it.