Monday, November 05, 2007

Dan is trying hard

Day Two for Dan swearing off random mentions of the Red Sox in Patriots columns.

Otherwise, a piece about Belichick downplaying the significance of the game with a very special paragraph that contains a an obscure phrase ("take the apple") and a groan inducing pun.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan.

Looks like Schill's coming back. So much for your theory that the Sox front office were looking forward to the door hitting him on the way out.

Who's the fraud now, hm?

Anonymous said...

Anyone taking bets that the next Shank article will be on Young Theo's mistake resigning the big blowhard?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm expecting a fat joke any time now.

Monkeesfan said...

Nah, Shank will say something like, "The Red Sox's lead pitcher curtly spent the day shilling for his new contract with the team."

Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous #3, Shank's fat joke will be something like this -

I won't comment on Captain Videoblog's weight, but when he sits around the house he sits around the house.

Anonymous said...

Well we have his response

And we have a mention of politics, a Big Blowhard, self promotion, blogging, Curt in the car,and a comparison to Vince Wilfork (does that count as a fat joke?)

Also, apparently this offer was just to save face and the team is shocked that he actually took it.

There's no way I can include all the shots that Dan took so you should just read for yourselves. If you can stomach it.

Dan really is sucking on a lemon.

Dave M said...

Thanks anon 8:02 for the link. I always enjoy SHank articles on big Schill.

Am surprised his article posted so quickly--this would have been a great candidate for another "Write like Dan" contest that BSMW did a while back


paul said...

"Am surprised his article posted so quickly"

Well, Shank probably had two articles written since the beginning of the season. One for Schilling's retirement (or departure) and one for Schilling's return.

I still don't get how a guy who puts his money where his mouth is (i.e.- Breaking the "curse" and bringing not one but two championships to Boston) can be considered a "Blowhard". Schilling's an opinionated guy but I guess that's only a bad thing if you disagree with Shank and the Cambridge elite.

Anonymous said...

Well, the people at the Globe who call Schilling a blowhard, Shank and Bob Ryan, are the biggest blowhards in Boston ... especially Ryan. I'll give this to shank, at least he was somewhat honest in this column in that he admitted he would miss writing about Schilling. He also inadvertently admitted that this all his animus is about Schillings political beliefs. Had Schilling been just as vocal except mouthing the Move On organizations politics instead of Christian conservative politics the Shankster would be singing his praises.

Dubegedi said...

Anon how is Ryan the biggest blowhard? Everyone has their columns that go into the shit category but more often than not I find at least some interesting insight in his writing.

As for the discussions of has no relevance at all to the discussion,whether that be a player voicing his opinion,a columnist voicing his opinions on a players opinion, or a random person voicing their opinions on a columnist's opinion. An athlete has every right to say that they think Bush is the 2nd coming of Jesus, but having that right doesn't make the player not a tool for saying something like that. Not because Bush is or isn't awesome, but because it's a stupid thing for a sports player to start ranting about. In that sense (and almost every other one) I think Schill is an enormous blowhard. There is a distinct difference between calling someone a blowhard for voicing their political beliefs in an environment where it is entirely inappropriate and/or nobody fucking cares and calling someone a blowhard because of their specific political beliefs. CHB most likely makes his attacks because of the later, but I don't think it makes Schill any less of a douche. The difference between CHB and Schill is that one has a great arm, but both are hated by almost everyone they meet.

Monkeesfan said...

dubegedi, the difference between Schilling and Shank is Schilling at least makes sense - Shank doesn't.