Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Column About Nothing

A series of bad jokes/references ("which is tempting because when the Yanks are bad, they are Superbad"; "Boston its first look at Joba (no relation to Wilt, Wes, or Neville) Chamberlain"; "With a bad moon risin' beyond the right-field facade") strung together through a series of mostly unrelated and/or patent observations.

You have today's column.

One little factual cleanup:

Sox pitchers have used New York hitters for target practice without fear of retribution (70 Yankee batsmen hit to 49 Sox since the Pedro era began in 1998)

First, Dan, the difference is about just a little over 2 per season. Or about one every eight regular season games. Second, it has something to do with the hitters on the Yankees, like Derek Jeter and Jason Giambi who are routinely in the top ten in HBP. Third, Pedro Martinez and Tim Wakefield routinely are in the top ten for batters hit. Therefore, there is a very reasonable explanation for the relatively small difference in HBP.

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