Saturday, June 16, 2007

Larry Whiteside: Rest In Peace

Shaughnessy offers a nice tribute to Larry Whiteside, the retired Globe columnist who passed away yesterday.

Shaughnessy usually does a very nice job with retrospective columns - he has a nice way of retelling stories and Shaughnessy gives you a pretty good glimpse of Larry Whiteside.

There are many readers of the blog who would argue that Shaughnessy is a racist but as you read through some of his stuff like this piece on Whiteside or like his new book (which I just finished reading and will post a review this weekend), you get a different side of Shaughnessy

At any rate, I was sad to hear of the passing of Larry Whiteside and I appreciate Shaughnessy's tribute today.

Requiem in Pacem

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Anonymous said...

Overall it was a nice story on the late Whiteside, too bad the CHB could not get through it without sending out a dig at Rice and the unknown NL'er...